Kwiva – the performing individual

In January 2010 Hanneke Jansen-Kwint MSc started her practice in Montfoort (Utrecht) and in May 2019 she moved her practice to ’het Statenkwartier’ in The Hague.

Hanneke has studied her final year at university in Germany and has lived as an expat in the Republic of South Africa (1996-1998) and in the UK (1998-2007). All 4 her children were born abroad, so she knows what living as an expat means. Not only for the children but also for the father and the mother and for the international student. Moving around, new culture, new job, new house, new university, new schools, new friends, etc. Even if you like changes, a move can make you feel out of balance, a bit disorientated. And that will affect your performances at school, at home or at work. Hanneke has a master degree in Child&Adolescent Psychology and in Cross Cultural Psychology and is Europian certified Coach for children, students and adults (See het profile on LinkedIn).

Her approach is direct, honest and competent and is based on the following principle

I want + I can + I have to = I do

Every day each person performs, at home, at work, at University, school, during sports, during playtime with friends, during interactions with colleagues, clients, housemates and on social media.

The balance between ‘I want’, ‘I can’ and ‘I have to’ can be temporarily distorted, which negatively impacts the performance, and creates pressure in the ‘I do’.

Where can KwiVa help you?

– Homesick, culture shock, feeling lonely
– Not motivated, tired, no energy, worn out, headache, without purpose
– Skipping school, disappointing school results
– Poor planning/ structure
– Gifted, AD(H)D, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia
– Being effective and persuasive , training on the job, dealing with cultural differences
– Finding the right next step in education or in career.

Career guidance:

At KwiVa you can register for individual coaching to come to the right choice of study or career. A personal and effective approach with in depth interviews, coaching and guidance.

KwiVa coaching is competent, to the point and honest and continues to be very successful.